Techniques and methods of illegally gaining access to digital information have reached new heights and are not expected to slow down. So far, existing solutions showed they are not able to keep data secure. Companies and other organisations are struggling with this issue and fail to keep up with legal regulations and face potential backlash from the public. Vaultree has a breakthrough solution which tackles all existing issues concerning data protection. These include: encryption, performance, scalability and key storage issues. Their unique end-to-end encryption technology is based on proprietary code and encryption algorithm (patent pending). The technology has been successfully tested on over 500 million data sets in multi-user environments as well as against existing encryption techniques. For the first time, there will be a tailored end-to-end encryption solution for every type of organisation without any compromises in performance, scalability and data security.

What we were able to help Vaultree with?

Balance successfully helped Irish startup Vaultree with the EIC Accelerator subsidy. This covered both the short and the full application. As a result, Vaultree secured approximately 2.5 million euro to further develop their solution.

Project experiences

Tilo Weigandt (Co-Founder & COO Vaultree):

“Balance immediately recognised this opportunity for us when we first spoke. Their help has been essential during the application process. They did a thorough job and were always approachable.”

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